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Village: Navli , Ta: and Dist: Anand
From 01-Jan-2014 to 07-Jan-2014

The NSS Unit of the college organized ANNUAL NSS CAMP at Navli village (Ta: and Dist: Anand) which is nearly 8 kms away from Vallabh Vidyanagar. The camp was held from 01.01.14 to 07.01.14. Total 150 (One Hundred and Fifty) students participated in this camp.
Day - 1 : 01-01-2014
  • The NSS students along with three NSS Programme Officers and three faculty members moved to Navli village at 2 pm
Day - 2 : 02-01-2014
  1. First session of Yoga and Pranayam
  2. Inaugural Function

  3. Silent Rally with 30 posters based on the subjects ‘Addiction Eradication’ and ‘AIDS Prevention’
  4. Cleaning some streets of the village
Day - 3 : 03-01-2014
  1. Second session of Yoga and Pranayam
  2. Medical Check-up Camp
  3. Visit Shri D. N. Primary Boys School and Primary Girls Schools at Navli
    Shri D. N. Primary Boys School

    Primary Girls Schools at Navli

  4. A workshop was organized On brainstorming exercises
Day - 4 : 04-01-2014
  1. Third session of Yoga and Pranayam
  2. Volunteers conducted competitions of Drawing, Essay –Writing, Singing and Elocution at Shri B. N. Patel High School, Navli and Shri K. K. Patel Primary School, Navli

  3. Lecture on the topic ‘Sam Pitroda- Pioneer of Telecom Revolution’ By Dr. Urvish Chhaya
  4. Dental care Seminar By Dr. Ravi Gandhi
  5. Lecture on ‘Importance of Moral Values in Life’ By Mr. C. P. Patel
  6. Presentation on ‘How to Prevent Plastic Pollution?’ By Mr. Shemal Valand
  7. Mehndi Competition

  8. Blind Faith Eradication
Day - 5 : 05-01-2014
  1. Fourth session of Yoga and Pranayam
  2. Blood Donation Camp & Free Eye Check-up Camp

  3. Presentation on ‘Contaminated Water Generated Disease and Prevention' By Dr. Yogesh Patel
  4. Addressed village women on "Woman Empowerment" By Dr. Amrapali Merchant
  5. Cultural Program 'Traditional Garba'

Day - 6 : 06-01-2014
  1. Fifth session of Yoga and Pranayam
  2. Students went to slum area to carry out a survey.

  3. Demonstration Musical therapy By Dr. Haris Gershom
  4. Lecture on health and hygiene and gynecological by Dr. Jaynaben Shah
  5. Training on ‘Web-designing' By Mr. Mayur Patel
  6. Lecture on ‘Youth and Leadership’ By Ms. Dhwani Sharma
  7. Cultural programme
Day - 7 : 07-01-2014
  • Valedictory function of NSS camp
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