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The overall objective of the National Service Scheme, as envisaged originally is service to the community, offered while undergoing instruction, in an educational institution. It is to develop the social consciousness of students and provide them with the opportunity to work with the people around the educational campuses creatively and constructively, and to put the education they received to concrete social use. The primary aim of the scheme is to enable the students to upgrade their personality and experience through community service.

Various activities of NSS:

     (A) Regular Camps (In Campus)

              1.   Orientation Programme.
              2.   Blood Donation Camp.
              3.   Blood Group Checking Camp.
              4.   Thalessemia Checking Camp.
              5.   Cleaning of Campus.
              6.   Tree plantation.
              7.   Medicine collection and clothes collection.
              8.   Services to various organization when needed.
              9.   Lectures on various awareness programme.

     (B) Special Camps (Off Campus)

              1.   Blood Donation Camp
              2.   Blood Group Checking Programme
              3.   Medical Check up Camp and Distribution of Medicine
              4.   Eye Check up Camp and Distribution of Spectacles
              5.   Cattle Camp and distribution of medicine
              6.   Awareness programme on HIV/AIDS, Cancer and     
                    Gynecological Problems.
              7.   Culture programme which includes skit, mime and play based
                    on social evils.
              8.   Regular cleaning of streets and public places in village
              9.   Women Empowerment Programme
              10. Various competition for village children.


Designed & developed by NVPAS NSS TEAM. Content provided by NVPAS National Service Scheme Committee.